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Meet the founder of Highest Life Design and learn how HLD became a leader in the performance coaching and personal transformation space, helping clients design and create lives they love and results that inspire them.



Thanks for visiting my site!  I'm John Honeycutt, a performance coach, life design strategist, entrepreneur, and speaker from Nashville, Tennessee. You may know me from the Finding Flow Podcast, or as the author of the popular "8 Elements of a Success Habit" article.

Have you ever wondered:

  • "What is my life for?  Why am I really here?"
  • "Beyond just surviving my life, what games do I want to play?"
  • "How do I develop the consistency and integrity to reach my goals?"
  • "I've had success in some areas.  How do I grow and scale that in all areas of my life?"
  • "I wish I had a guide to help me navigate the immense and sometimes confusing world of personal development and transformation.  Will all of this even work for me?"

If so, you're in the right place!

Whether you're working towards developing consistency and integrity or scaling or growing to a whole new level of life and performance, I can help you.



Years before Highest Life Design served its first client, I had worked almost a full career in sales, marketing, and business strategy in the technology space. After thirty years of working for giants like Microsoft, and running smaller tech consulting firms, I decided it was time for a change and left the technology world for good.

During many of those years, I had been engaged in an inquiry focused on living my own best life, personal and professional development, transformation, and high-performance. Throughout my career, I was sought out as an expert in productivity, performance, and time and action management.

As I continued growing personally, I became more and more focused on the question of transformation, namely, how an individual radically shifts their being, thinking, feeling, and behaviors such that completely unprecedented results are possible. I engaged for over two decades with the thought leaders in the personal transformation space, through private coaching, seminars and programs, weekend retreats, and large-group awareness events. 

While each of my engagements were powerful and helped me to produce a shift in my being or identity, I quickly began to recognize that, on their own and without a consistent structure for learning reinforcement and accountability, participants were unlikely to sustain their amazing shifts in insight and behavior. The usual answer of "sign up for the next seminar" or "read the new book" just weren't going to cut it.

Dissatisfied with what I saw in the marketplace, I declared that I would crack the code, for myself at least, and then offer what I learned to others as a service to the world. Thus was born what I have called the Best Self Blueprint, a philosophy that I aim to live my life by, with three simple maxims:

  1. To deeply and profoundly connect with the Divine
  2. To fully live out my highest life empowered, alive, inspired, and awake
  3. To bring that empowerment, aliveness, inspiration, and awakening to everyone I meet

Through an ongoing process that my wife Bonnie and I called Life Design (years before I was fortunate to meet Bill Burnett and Dave Evans of Stanford University and be trained by them in the formal Designing Your Life methodology) I applied the Best Self Blueprint to my life and have radically transformed both my experience of life and my performance and results.

Today, many years later, the results of this philosophy and approach are abundant in my life:

  • At 50 years old, I am in the best health and physical shape of my entire life
  • I have a beautiful, connected marriage that is a source of love, inspiration, and adventure
  • I have loving relationships with my aging parents that I never dreamed would be possible
  • I own my own successful and profitable coaching and training business and am routinely sought after by other coaches as a mentor and strategist
  • I have a consistently full roster of coaching clients who are experiencing breakthrough results in their life
  • My wife and I are financially secure, debt-free, and filled with excitement about our financial future
  • Most importantly, I am at peace with myself and life, and am clear on my mission and purpose

As a means to offer the benefits of the Best Self Blueprint approach to others, and honestly contemplating the implications of stepping away from a 30-year career in technology, I turned my sights to the growing world of life and performance coaching.



Back in 2017, I began shifting my focus from my technology consulting work and began coaching groups and individuals in transformational techniques and programs.  Within two years, I had fully transitioned out of my corporate role, and launched Highest Life Design as my main focus and source of income.  While initially scary to leave behind what was certain and comfortable, the business quickly grew, and I was connected first-hand with the power of coaching to transform and individuals’ life.

While transformational seminar and "rock you to your core" weekend programs had been impactful, I was very excited to see how sustainable and powerful the impact of personal coaching was.  Clients weren't subjected to a one-size-fits-all approach to life design, development, and transformation, but working with me as a coach could carefully craft learning and development objectives that we're immediately practical and meaningful to them.

Over the five years I've coached individuals and groups, I've delivered several coaching programs that I initially licensed from others, and then programs that I've developed myself based on where I saw the gaps in what was being commonly offered.

Programs I've coached on include:

  • Certified High-Performance Coaching: developed by Brendon Burchard of High Performance Institute (now Growth Day)
  • The Charged Life: also by Brendon Burchard
  • Life by Design: my own creation
  • Designing Your Life: framework developed by Stanford University
  • Flow and Peak Performance: my own creation inspired by Flow Research Collective, Flow Genome Project, and the works of the positive psychologists from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Martin Seligman, Jeanne Nakamura, and others.

As I continue my own development path, it's my passion to consume and integrate modern and classic approaches to personal development and transformation, positive and behavioral psychology, and performance and productivity techniques.  As I 'field test' and synthesize approaches offered by seminars, courses, and books, I am able to develop coaching and training programs that directly connect the best practices from thought leaders old and new to the current practical challenges of my client base.



Over the years I've discovered that life and performance coaching is radically impactful and effective, especially when it comes to sustaining progress and having clients autonomously create their own transformation. I don't believe that anyone needs a coach, but I do believe everyone deserves one.  It's an experience and a relationship that is unlike any other: affirming, positive, exciting, challenging, and ultimately transformative.

Typical results of working with a coach include:

  • Vastly improved self-confidence and self-acceptance
  • Significant positive shift in the quality of life and flourishing
  • Heightened self-awareness through an objective, committed perspective
  • Massive improvement to performance and productivity
  • A shift to a more calm, easeful approach to life and performance
  • Building consistency, integrity, and structures to support your life
  • Creating and clarifying vision and purpose

All that said, the traditional model of life and performance coaching does have some limitations.  Traditional, "pure" coaching avoids any training, mentorship, consulting, or strategy.  As a discipline and a tool, I think that makes sense. I do believe, however, that in the hands of a masterful guide and partner, coaching is one tool among many that can create transformational shifts for a client. I think of it as one of the most powerful blades in my Swiss Army Knife.

What I've discovered working with my clients over the years is that a mix of "transformational experiences" that include training, coaching, mentorship, strategy, and accountability have the greatest on-the-court effectiveness in actually producing results. 

As Highest Life Design continues to grow and evolve in response to what we are seeing with our clients' lives and needs, we are shifting into a multi-channel delivery model that includes:

  • Video-based training modules
  • Live individual and small group coaching sessions (delivered via Zoom)
  • Worksheets and materials to allow clients to go deeper as they have time and interest
  • Ongoing intra-session accountability and engagement through a mobile application
  • Community connection events where clients can share with their peers what they are learning and working on

Highest Life Design will continue to hone and refine our model, adopting new approaches and technology models to remain at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry, and meeting the needs of a new generation of people wanting to design and create their highest lives.



IF any of those sounds good to you, then you are in the right place.  Allow me to work with you to coach and train you and partner with you in designing and creating your highest life and best self.  What has taken me multiple decades and a lot of trial and error can be so much simpler and more easeful with the right guide.   


The African proverb that says, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together" applies here. Learning and developing yourself through personal experience, on your own, is the absolute slowest and most expensive path to progress.   


The only resource you can't get more of is time. While you could absolutely produce results without a coach, if you want to accelerate your progress up the mountain of performance and do so with a trustworthy partner who's been there, I hope you'll reach and connect with me today. Take the first affirmative step to designing your highest life! 

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