JOHN HONEYCUTT is a certified high-performance coach and a certified life design strategist drawing from leading-edge practices from the world of personal development, business and organizational strategy, peak-performance psychology, biohacking, gamification, and more, to help individuals transform all areas of their lives in order to create meaningful lives of their own design.


John brings over thirty years of experience working in some of the world's largest technology corporations and is a respected thought leader in sales, marketing, and business strategy. He has been deeply involved in the world of personal development and transformational work for over two decades and has studied with some of the biggest names in the personal growth field—from Werner Erhard, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and many others.  John brings over five years of one on one and group coaching experience, and has accrued over 200 accredited training hours, and 2,500 hours of live coaching sessions to date.


John is certified with:

  • High Performance Institute as a Certified High-Performance Coach

  • Life Coaching Group as a Laser-Focused Coach

  • Flow Research Collective as a Certified Flow and Peak Performance Coach

  • Stanford University Design Lab as a Certified Designing Your Life Coach

  • Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)


John's mission is to empower the world through coaching. He is committed that everyone in the world be free, alive, and empowered. His goal in coaching is to have you be able to create and experience lasting, persistent transformation, effortless performance, and the ability to create and attain goals and miracles in your life. The reason he is committed to this mission as a coach is because this work provides his clients and the world with transformation, freedom, and the power to create deeply fulfilling lives of their own design, the results of which ripple out through humanity and increase empowerment, aliveness, and awakening on this planet.


“John's coaching has helped me see the ways I undermine my own intentions and hold myself down. He has helped me shift my thinking, get organized, and identify all these little lovely steps to turn my visions into reality. Since coaching with John, I've doubled my income, developed a daily practice of meditation and journaling, learned to use metrics to enhance the quality of my regular exercise, and deepened my presence with my children. My life, by design, is a beautiful experience and coaching with John has become one of my favorite things."



"Working with John has taken my ability to organize and be a leader in my life to a level I didn't know existed before. I work in a field where metrics and measurables are the norm for gauging success and John helped me to build benchmarks into my personal life in a way that was formulaic and holistic in scope. What I came away with is a life that freely flows from sunrise to sunset and a new understanding of what's possible for me." 



“Before working with John, I was the true definition of a people-pleaser. I felt stuck, unlovable, afraid, and uninspired. Working with John, I began seeing successes I didn't even know I was capable of. I became one of the top sales performers for the company I was working with, and my communication, relationships, and understanding of those around me became impeccable. Most important, John coached me on how to powerfully quit the job I was so good at to pursue my dreams of starting a business and living abroad. Thanks to John, I'm working just a few hours a day, and for the first time truly enjoying my life."




BONNIE HONEYCUTT is a New York Times best-selling editor, published writer, ghost writer, journalist, and professional writing coach who has helped hundreds of authors and writers publish their books and messages.

From an early age, Bonnie fell in love with books and discovered the power of the written word to create a new world for people, both real and imagined. She began her formal studies in Journalism at Purdue University and earned her BA in Literature and Writing from California State University. She has also taken professional editing courses with the University of Chicago. From newspapers to magazines to books, Bonnie has worked in publishing for more than twenty years where she has produced several bestsellers, and currently works as a Senior Editor for one of the nation's top publishers.

Her experience as both an avid writer and reader fuels her passion for empowering writers and entrepreneurs, helping people find their voice and craft messages that land with an audience.

Here's a small sampling of some of the books she's helped to create: 

In 2012 Bonnie took a break from full-time publishing to formally study healing arts, focusing on natural and holistic healingincluding Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jin Shin energy work, the mind-body connection, and the impact of our environment around us, beginning with one's own home. She occasionally still works with people in these areas when she's not making books as a full-time senior editor with one of the nation's top publishers. 

Armed with many talents that allow her to provide guidance for authors from all walks of life, Bonnie works with anyone—from beginners to bestselling authors—who needs guidance in writing. Though she has worked across most genres and demographics, her specialties are nonfiction and creative nonfiction or memoir. Whether it’s blogging or books, she’ll help you get your message out. Using a holistic approach, she will also guide you through the entire writing and publishing process based on your personal goals, which can include simply writing and completing a book or blog post for personal satisfaction, self-publishing, or traditional publishing. Authors will not only learn everything they need to bring their book or blog to life, they will also learn to become the thought leaders they’re meant to be. 

Bonnie is proud to have the knowledge and experience that allow her to guide authors and help them write worthwhile, beautifully written messages. She also works with freelance designers and illustrators, and can put together entire writing and publishing packages for you.

Working with Bonnie and her approach, you’ll discover:

  • How to create a structure and outline for your book or blog
  • How to establish a writing process and rhythm
  • How to work through any mindset issues around writing
  • Which route is best for you: traditional, self-publishing, or hybrid
  • How to approach and appeal to agents and acquisitions editors
  • What traditional publishers are looking for in today’s market
  • How to begin marketing your book before it’s finished—and after
  • How to create and navigate a successful book or blog launch
  • How to create an effective online presence to boost sales

If you’re looking for a coach to take you through the entire writing and publishing process and hold your written word to a high level of integrity, Bonnie has the knowledge and breadth experience to help you meet your goals.